Well Lit Shadow, Hertzog’s sixth studio release, combines forward-leaning original compositions with undisputed technical prowess to produce an album which almost defies categorization - Well Lit Shadow is perfectly cast, as it delivers the unexpected and leaves the listener aching to hear more.
— Preston Frazier, Something Else Reviews
“Hertzog’s musicianship shines through and bright walking riffs on tracks such as “Star Drops” and “Traces of You” evoke images of devoted researchers working through vast amounts of data in pursuit of knowledge
— James Dacey, Physics World
Randomness and stability are both stakeholders in the suite, contributing to this unique complex of sound sculptures. This is a one-of-a-kind album bent on focusing large scale thought on the smallest bits of matter, and focusing on a single track would just take away from the beautiful big picture.
— Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz
Jake has a very personal, post-modern harmonic conception, and there is a very palpable, discernible, almost classically inflected acoustic-electric quality (like Bill Frisell and Julian Bream meet Arnold Schoenberg) which makes his compositions and variations very centered and acoustically engaging. Jake Hertzog is one of the most gifted, disciplined and original of a new generation of young guitarists coming on fast.
— Chip Stern, Jazz Critic and Author
The ten part album opens with an eerie “Introduction” before gliding into pensive spaciousness that is picked and strummed on “Star Drops” and “Color Detection.” The is a gentleness to the album, as on the finger work on “Trace Of You” that is fragrant and tender, with the album closing with a contemplative “Ever Unseeable.” Gentle sparkles
— George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly
Guitarist Jake Hertzog is a modern master of the jazz art form but the subtle, meditative improv nature of his solo guitar CD takes his talent to a new level of guitar artistry
— Robert Steven Silverstein, Music Web Express
[Hertzog] manages to evoke feeling in the purely logical world of physics and particle collisions through exquisite, emotive music. That’s quite a feat.
— Carol Banks Weber, AXS.com
Although only one instrument is used this music has a surprising amount of depth as his chords and notes are often used in imaginative ways with varying degrees of light and shade and at times taking some unexpected twists and turns.
— Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility
[a] deeply original, thought provoking set of nu acoustic instrumental music that can’t be defined yet but it is a cut above
— Chris Spector, Midwest Record

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